Welcome to the Personal Projects section of my blog! Here, I showcase a selection of creative and technical endeavors that I've undertaken in my free time. From coding challenges and DIY creations to art projects and design experiments, these personal projects reflect my curiosity, passion, and dedication to learning new skills and pushing the boundaries of my abilities.

Each project includes a brief description, images or videos, and links to resources or related work.

WebAssembly port of GNU Units

GNU Units is a powerful, user-friendly measurement conversion utility that enables users to convert units from one system or type to another. Now, this popular command-line tool is available as a high-performance and compact WebAssembly (WASM) version + Front-end.

UnitsWASM is designed to provide the same functionality of the original GNU Units command-line tool but with the added benefits of running in the browser environment.

Bulgarian dictionary for Kindle

Bulgarian interpretive dictionary in .mobi format suitable for Kindle devices. The dictionary is compiled from the Rechko dictionary database created by chitanka.info.

Front-end for the mantas-done/subtitles convertor

mantas-done/subtitles is a caption and subtitle converter for PHP. The front-end allows you to quickly convert and resynchronize your subtitle files online. You can choose one of the following file formats for input/output: .srt, .vtt, .stl, .sbv, .sub (SubViewer and MicroDVD), .ass, .dfxp, .ttml, .smi, .qt.txt, .scc, .lrc.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Colorful Mood Crayons (3D Models)

These are the models for the crayons for the kids game "Laugh & Learn - Colorful Mood Crayons" by Fisher-Price.

It is not uncommon to lose one or two crayons from the set, so by using these model you are able to fill-in the missing peaces.

Also included are printable (2D) labels for the crayons. Those come in handy even if you decide to print each item with a different material/color.

Thingiverse link: here

Velbon QB-5RL Quick-Release Camera Platform (3D Models)

This is quick-release platform for the Velbon CX-586 tripod. The tripod usually comes with only one of these in the package, but I needed a second one form my phone holder.

The original one has a crock base and a retention pin. This design omits the retention pin and you may choose between an .stl file with a spacer for a crock base and one without.

Thingiverse link: here